Turning a much-loved second home into successful holiday let

Having trusted Pebbles to look after her treasured South Devon second home for many years, when it came to making the move to letting it out for holiday makers, Sophie Cornish worked closely with Property Consultant Kim and Head of Refurbishment to make sure that it was done in a way that she was comfortable with.

What were you looking to achieve by letting your holiday home?

It was a combination of factors.  Firstly my husband Simon and I felt that we simply weren’t using it enough and it was a real shame for it to be empty when other people could have the chance to enjoy the house we love.  Secondly, we wanted to generate some revenue from the house in order to make sense of the overheads. 

Why did you decide to work with Pebbles to turn your second home into holiday home?

It was something that Kim had mentioned once or twice, and it had really not occurred to me how much she could help with. When you talk to her you realise there’s nothing she hasn’t encountered; she thinks of everything and incredibly thorough. It was obvious that working with her was the only way it was going to work for us.

What were the barriers to managing the process yourself?

The emotional involvement.  Although I didn’t want things to change in terms of my experience of the property, I knew there were things that needed to be done in order to make it right for other people to use, and I didn’t mind that, I just didn’t want to be too involved in that process.

Also, we live a long way from the house and so the sheer practicality of location also had an impact as well.  There were things to buy, some refurbishment to do and practicalities like locks on doors and cupboards that needed to be added, as well as the fire safety report. It all adds up and Kim did most of it for me, which was fantastic.

What were you particularly pleased with about the project?

The house is looking better than ever; the Pebbles refurbishment team did some building work, which they did beautifully.  It’s always stressful working with builders, but because I had Kim and Katherine, we were spared all the grief.  

I am really pleased with our decision to let the house; I feel like we’re in the right place with it. More than anything I feel that even though I live four hours from the house I never have to worry about it because Pebbles are ahead of me.  They never give me problems; always solutions.  

Pebbles really makes you want to deal with their people - you never worry about picking up their call because you know whatever it is, they’ve got it covered.

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