Refurbishing a holiday home for a speedy summer sale

Everyone has different objectives for their holiday home, and when it comes to selling, sometimes a strategic refurbishment is the best way to achieve your goals, as was the case at Combehaven in Salcombe.

Close to the centre of Salcombe, the apartment is the ideal private second home or holiday home. However, as we all know, letting a property creates an amount of wear and tear that will not present a house or apartment in its best light to potential buyers.

The owners approached us to prepare their apartment for sale.  We discussed the objectives and thoughts of the owners, who knew the property and its best aspects, and understanding their goals including value, time frames and proposed style, our Head of Refurbishment, Katherine Spencer, and her team put together a proposal to redecorate Combehaven and focus on key details of interior design that made it shine.  This included a fresh coat of paint, sanding the floors and installing new soft furnishings.

The cosmetic changes, including suggested fabrics and colours, were organised by Katherine and her team, who have experience and knowledge in project management and preparing properties for the specific holiday market in Salcombe.  This process made it easy and efficient for the property owners to action their requests from a distance but without having to manage the project themselves. Timing was important.
In order to be ready for the spring market there was a short turnaround period, which we were able to meet through our close working relationships with a network of partner specialists and our in-house maintenance team.

The result was a smart and tidy property that potential buyers could easily envisage their own happy holiday memories in.  Once on the market with Marchand Petit, the property sold within a few short weeks at the owner’s asking price.


"Thank you so much for the fabulous work you did at No 10.  We were very pleased, the flat looks amazing"

Owner, 10 Combehaven

What do you want to achieve for your property?